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  School's award a plaque for excellent role model in promoting morality and ethics from World Vision Foundation
On 3 February, 2017, Kasintorn Vittaya School's awarded for being excellent role model in promoting morality and ethics in children by World Vision Foundation Thailand. The school has participated in 'the heart of giving project,' which the school disciplines students to save and informs them about the merits of sharing. Some of the students contributions went to WVFTs Child Sponsorship Programme, their families and communities will be receiving livelihood and educational assistances. Another portion of the donation is allocated to Breakfast for Kids project to provide nutritious morning meals to children across Thailands north and northeastern regions. As WVFT honours the schools participation in The Heart of Giving project in 2016, the WVFT awarded administrators, teachers and student representatives with certificates as well as plagues. Presiding over the ceremony were the Secretary General of Office of the Private Education Commission.
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