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  Security Measure

Updated measures to ensure the safety of Kasintorn Vittaya students

1. The school hires a guard, teachers, and receptionist to check places in school periodically for the safety of students starting at 6 o'clock before the students arrive. After the drop-off time, the school gates will be closed.

2. Parents and outsiders are not allowed to get inside the school. Parents can contact receptionists and homeroom teachers for any issue. Please understand that the team of teachers and staff take good care of your child together all the time and we have a motto to love your child as best as our own children
3. The school requests parents to leave school area after sending children inside school. The school allow parents to wait in front of school to pick up students from 2.00 p.m. onward. If parents or outsiders arrive earlier than that, contact the security guard. Please show student ID card.

*Schools may need to take more measures regarding student safety so we make sure the students are at their maximum security.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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