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  Special rate when applying for new academic year 2022

Kasintorn Vittaya School is now accepting new kindergarten 1, nursery, primary 1 students for the coming academic year 2022. The school would like to invite parents of kindergarten 3 students to hurry to book Primary 1 seats and make full payment by the end of April for the first semester of academic year 2022.  The school now starts to accept students from other schools who have visited and applied to study at our school.

Early bird rate will be given to parents of all levels who can finish enrolling and paying full tuition for the first semester academic year 2022. You can contact school receptionists everyday including weekends.  Office hours for weekdays and weekends are between 7:30am to 4pm.  

Kasintorn Vittaya School 955 Assumption Soi 2, Moo Ban Settakit Rd., Bangpai, Bangkae, Bangkok 10160
Tel : (+662) 807-1727-9 Fax : (+662) 421-9843 E-mail : kstvty@gmail.com
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