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กรรไกรตัดเล็บ = nail clippers
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  Kasintorn Vittaya School administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students join in the auspicious celebration of coronation with our most humble best wishes for our new King.  
Queen Suthida's birthday will be annual holiday.
No class on Thursday 31 January and Friday 1 February 2019
16th January: school holiday
Special rate when applying for new academic year 2019
The precautionary measure against hand mouth foot disease
New semester newsletter
A Precautionary Measure Against Influenza A(H1N1)
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School's award a plaque for a good model school promoting morality and ethics from World Vision Foundation

 On 12 February, 2019, Kasintorn Vittaya School's awarded for a good model s ...

PM. 2.5 pollution situation

15 January 2019
Dear parents,
Even though the school is in suburban area and not yet effected by pollutants especially P.M 2.5 (according to Bangkok announcement on polluted areas), the scho ...
School's awarded O-NET certificate

Kasintorn Vittaya School's awarded O-NET certificate on Saturday 10 February 2018 from M.L. Pariyad Diskul for school's good output, which is overall good O-NET results of Primary 6 students of last a ...
QR code payment

From the past until present, parents pay tuition to school by cash or bank transfer or mobile banking. The school accepts those methods of payment and now has a new payment method: QR code, which p ...

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Sport Day
Mother Day Primary
Mother Day
Buddist Lent Day
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NES teacher
Typist and mimeograph user
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