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Kasintorn Vittaya School Profile  

             Kasintorn Vittaya School was found in 1984 by spouses Master Charoenchai Kasintorn and Headmistress Kwonyeon Kasintorn. Both now have over 40 years of experience in education since they had been educators in Thai schools before they founded their first school together. At first, Kasintorn Vittaya School was originally named Anuban Kasintorn in Thai language or Kasintorn Kindergarten as it started with two years kindergarten program.  The school building was similar to a house and children were happy and learning well in a warm atmosphere in a good suburban neighborhood.

             In short time, the school was well known among parents and nearby communities for offering a very good quality of child care service as well as academic development according to the Ministry of Education, Thailand. In 1989, a swimming pool and a three-floor building were built as there were not enough rooms and the first grade level started. The school’s name was changed to Kasintorn Vittaya School to indicate that the school will extend education program to primary level.

           Kasintorn Vittaya School continued to be renowned for good management and services that the number of students raised and there were not enough rooms again. Therefore, a new building was built in 1992 which has 6 floors comprising such standard facilities as a sound laboratory, library, science lab, computer rooms and elevator. A couple of years later, a standard swimming pool was built in adjacent to the first swimming pool for young children.

             In 2004, the school commemorated its 20 year anniversary and continued on improving its quality, restored facilities and installed new equipments. Besides, the school license has transferred to Miss Alisa Kasintorn a year before while the school founder has become the school board chair. In 2008, the headmistress has became the director as the Ministry of Education change the way how to call this position.

          Kasintorn Vittaya School is now still well known for its emphasis on academics; encouraging students to develop to their full potentials.  Parents have enrolled their child because of words of mouth that our graduates have good qualities as teachers and staff are qualified and have long experiences.  Foreign teachers are native speakers of English and/or near native English speakers, have at lest a Bachelor’s degree, a TEFL certificate and a teaching experience.  When foreign teachers teach, a Thai teacher will support teaching and learning. Class size is small, so each student is well cared for. Besides academics, students have many extracurricular activities such as morals, dances, art, music, sports etc.

               Currently, the school covers the area of around 3416 square meter or 2 Rai and 54 sq Wa. It is in a good environment surrounded by residence, private schools, flea markets, temples, a catholic church, a nearby park plus weekend market named Sanamluang Song, a public hospital named Ratpipat and a few private hospitals.

In 2010, the school address was changed as the district administration office has reorganized the house number of some residences in this area. As a result the school address is now 955 Soi Assumption 2, Settakit Village, Bangpai, Bangkae, BKK. 10160. The telephone and fax numbers remain the same, which are automatic lines (+662) 807 1727-9 and fax 02 421 9843.

In 2014, the school reached its 30 years and proved to be a quality school as the school has been accredited in all 3 rounds of inspections by the office for national educational standards and quality assessment (ONESQA) with good to excellent grades in both kindergarten and primary levels.
           In 2021, the ONESQA assessed school quality through school's self assessment report because of COVID-19 pandamic. The result is the school meets good quality in all standards in both kindergarten and primary level. The school continues to keep standards in order to fulfill school's mission as following details.

 School Symbol

 St. Anthony of Padua with child Jesus is the school patronage saint which inspires teachers and staff to care for our students.

 School Philosophy

 Instill values and boost intelligence to develop social benefits

School Motto

virtue then wise

School Identity and Uniqueness

School Identity: Beautifully paying respect by Thai way

Kindergarten Level's Uniqueness: Support intellectual readiness to primary level

Primary Level's Uniqueness: Support academic ability.

School Vision
Kindergarten Level:

Support students' intellectual development, instill morals and ethics, develop love of Thainess, care for environment.

Primary Level:

Support students'academic ability, instill morals and ethics, develop love of Thainess, keep up with technology to develop knowledge.

School Policy

1. prepare school readiness for preschoolers

2. facilitate child centered learning

3. make progress in academic achievement, use of language to communicate, instill the love of reading and build abilities for further education

develop thinking process ability, increase intelligence and problem-solving appropriately to age

5. encourage use of technology to gain further knowledge

6. sustain democratic form of government wiht H. M. the King as head of state

7. instill good values, morals, ethnics, love and pride of being Thais

8. support physical exercise, arts, music and sport activities as well as learning to protect one’s self from drugs

develop relations and cooperation with community to supplement education

School Mission

       Kindergarten level

1.support all 4 areas of students’ developments (physical, emotional, social and intellectual)

2.provide activities that foster student’s growing independence as well as being with others harmoniously appropriately to age

3.facilitate activities that support students’ health, learning skills, good characters and good habits

4.make learning activities appropriate to ways of life, culture and public

      Primary level

1.instill morals, ethnic, discipline, love of Thainess and conserve culture, arts, traditions and local wisdoms including sufficiency economy

make progress in academic achievement, use of language to communicate, practise thinking, solving problem skill and build abilities for further education

encourage students to show their capability to their full potential including aesthetics in arts, music an sports

4.improve technological media

5.stimulate teachers to continuously collect more knowledge and skills in order to increase efficiency in teaching and learning

6.develop relations and cooperation with parents and community to supplement  education

Kasintorn Vittaya School 955 Assumption Soi 2, Moo Ban Settakit Rd., Bangpai, Bangkae, Bangkok 10160
Tel : (+662) 807-1727-9 Fax : (+662) 421-9843 E-mail : info@kasintornvittaya.com
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